About Us

Our Story

Zarifa’s love for fashion and appreciation for fabrics has lead her to success for nearly three decades in the fashion world running successful businesses in three locations across Melbourne. From humble beginnings it all began in 1991… she dared to live a childhood dream. With little English she started selling t-shirts then moving into fast fashion. Although the journey hasn’t always been easy, her romance for style kept her motivated to keep pursuing her dream.

As a child she found herself immersed by the Culture of fashion, her understanding of fashion is not just about clothes but a deeper appreciation and understanding of fabrics, craftsmanship and intricate detail.

Zarifa looks for handcrafted pieces from around the world and ethically sourced products that have a deeper meaning to the passionate designer who has created the pieces. Zarifa hand picks the finest pieces for her customers to ensure that each person feels confident and looks immaculate in any style they choose. From leather to silk, each piece speaks for itself and she aims to provide pieces that are timeless and can be styled in different ways. As the bottom line is to have every individual feel special and make sure they feel unique.